Digital Marketing – What is it, and why should you use it?


Digital Marketing – What is it, and why should you use it?


We all know that the internet is an integral part of sales growth for almost every organisation. We also know that the process of this development is called Digital Marketing. But is there clarity with regard to the potential options available? What will prove effective and provide a return on investment when an organization is working on a tight budget?

Being a fan of reductionism, with a distaste for jargon, I find it beneficial to take this new marketing and break it down into tangible chunks, as follows:


  • Website aesthetics and functionality – we call it the ‘front end’. This is ensuring that the site is visually impressive, user friendly and inspires trust. Most importantly it must have the appropriate calls to action – opportunities for the buyer to buy!
  • Website SEO – we call this the ‘back end’. Search engine optimisation is quite simply making your site as attractive as possible to the search engines. This can be through the text content, page headings, even the file name given to an image. A key component of the SEO is the chosen keyword search phrases. It is vital that you attract the right people, at a level you can compete in. For example, a sole trader insurance company in Leinster may be better off competing for a niche such as “low cost car insurance services in Carlow” rather than competing with the big boys for “Car Insurance Ireland”. A smaller potential market, but a more viable route to the first search page and subsequent lead generation.
  • Social Media – most of us are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, G+ and possibly the new kid on the block – Pinterest. From a digital marketing perspective social media platforms are used to increase an organisations profile. Creating both potential new customers, and an online community for engagement. A strong social media presence also helps a company improve search engine results.
  • Online Advertising – Whereby social media can be considered as a long term development, advertising is your guaranteed fast track. You can “pull” clients towards you when they are looking, with search advertising to get you near the top of a google search page. Alternately, you can “push” publicise to the market through adverts on website banners or indeed social media. The internet does not have to be global, a small business can advertise to their local town on a Friday night with offers for the weekend.
  • Email marketing – often considered antiquated, nothing could be further from the truth. Developing a strong database of email contacts can really add something to your marketing. Running everything through an email service provider ensures you can monitor who has opened the email. Even the links they clicked on within the email.
  • Monitoring – as businesses we think about talking to the market, but we can also listen. Through various software you can see what people are talking about. This could be your organization, your industry, or even a competitor!
  • Testing & analyzing – every aspect of digital marketing can be tested, checked and monitored. You do not need to gamble thousands in the hope of success. Test, test and test again. Sometimes an investment as low as €10 can give you a strong guide as to whether a campaign will work.


Whether you carry out the work in-house or use an agency, is dependent on both your preference and your requirements. To be cost efficient it often ends up being a combination of the two, combining strengths to create a dynamic, progressive presence.




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