What a marketing agency can do for small business


With so many opportunities available online to market and promote your company and products it is important that you maximise your potential and reach your targeted audiences.

Whether you are a sole trader or a small business you need to have an online presence.  When you know where your consumers and potential consumers reside we can help you achieve your goal.  Digital marketing agencies can be a cheaper way of tapping in to potential consumers online rather than investing in more staff and increasing overheads.

After designing your digital platforms, be it a website or a full e- commerce site, we will manage these platforms and campaigns and track the analytics while you focus on the important part of your business of talking to existing and potential consumers.

We can raise your company profile online, help you reach new consumers, and help you grow your business.

Enclosed are the 5 packages we offer:


Your website needs to be visually engaging to your consumer.  It must be informative and eye catching.  This is what we call the front end.  When designing your site it should be developed with or through the consumers’ eyes.  What looks good to you may not be what attracts potential clients to your site.

In behind your website, which is called the back end, we will research SEO, find the appropriate search terms, links and tags which google and other search engines look for.

Most website design incorporates the front end with little work done on the back end.  This is like printing a brochure and leaving it sit in your office and hoping someone will call in for one.

When we design a website we don’t just develop the front end and leave you to swim on your own.  We will also manage the back end ensuring that a) your website meets the criteria to be seen by search engines through SEO and b) your website is monitored and reports provided monthly and changes are be made as your website evolves.


While your website is the first port of call for the consumer it is important to follow up on that visit.  We offer a full e-commerce service which enables your consumer to purchase directly from your e store.  We develop your online store and simplify the process so that the consumer has a positive shopping experience.


To compliment your website and to maximise your potential client reach we offer a management suite for the various social media platforms.  We will set up the appropriate social media channels that are most suited to your business, develop marketing campaigns and monitor activity.

To successfully manage your social media and advertising we split this into two sections:

  1. Internal campaign- This is how you and your staff engage with your clients through the social media interaction tools.  We will design this around your business for you to run.
  2. External campaign- This is how we work for you on various campaigns to raise your company profile.  We manage the analysis of progress, source and engage with key connections.


Once we know who your target market is and where they reside online we can design a campaign to suit your needs, whether you are a local store with one location or a nationwide brand.  The key aspects of a successful campaign are:

TEST- We can run small test campaigns to measure the success of the type of promotion or the platforms used.  We can run various styles of campaigns simultaneously and monitor feedback.

DEMOGRAPHICS- We design your campaign to reach your potential audience.  This can be a local campaign with a specific geographic reach within a certain area or a nationwide campaign.  It can be broken into many different areas such as gender, age profile and profession.  The campaign will be specific to your business.

MONITOR- Through Analytics we can get exact information as to how many people responded.  This will compliment your test campaign.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)- We now take the test results and decide on the best ways to promote your business and increase sales.


With a substantial increase in mobile and smartphone use on a daily basis for online use it is important to stay ahead of your competition.  People’s habits have changed.  You need to tap into this potential marketplace.

We can develop a functional app for your business.  The consumer could be on a bus but engaging with you through your app.  It can be an existing client or a potential new one that is booking an appointment or purchasing from you from your app.

So we can create or refresh your website, develop an e-commerce site, design your social media platforms, run sales and marketing campaigns and develop your business app.  We will guide you through this process and monitor performance.

5 packages for Small Business

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