6 Tips to help speed SEO

6 Tips to help speed SEO

By Gary Phipps

“SEO,SEO,SEO, I want to be Nr 1 on page 1, I want a high ranking”. This is what you will hear time and time again from people with websites. Yes, it IS everyone’s aim, but it is a tough road and depends on many factors. Expecting it to happen magically, or within an exact time-frame is nigh on impossible.

There are, however, plenty of things you can do to try and influence matters. What we will list here hopefully will give you a helping hand. These are all ‘off-page’ suggestions as opposed to the ‘on-page’ items such as keywords, title tags etc.

1. Ask Suppliers to link to you.

Many suppliers will be more than happy to do this depending on your industry and their policies. After all, if your business prospers – so should theirs ! Their site will more than likely have a higher visitor rate than yours at this point, with great and more established exposure.

2. List your site on Good directories.

Listing your site on good, reputable sites can provide traffic, however – avoid using auto submitted services or directories. A good reference site would be Freeindex

3. Use Social Media to link to Partners

For example to influence your chance of getting a guest blog posting.

4. Create a Blog.

Doing what I am doing here helps exposure and possibility of sharing. There is a strong ‘community air’ within the blogging scene and if you can keep at it and create good content, your credibility will rise.

5. Comment on Blogs.

By this, I don’t mean a simple ‘spam’ type comment. Make it ‘longtail’ or chunky enough to have real meaning. Make the comment meaningful, mention the bloggers name. You will leave a ‘footprint’ here which will be noticed.

6. Spy on your competitors!

Finding what and where your competitors are active online, leaving their ‘footprints’ is a handy way to get source ideas. Remember – copying is the highest form of flattery – but do you care???? A handy site for this is opensiteexplorer Try it out and have a play around with it !!

As stated, these are NOT at the expense of conducting proper site specific SEO, but can help you influence matters a bit! ( By no means an exhaustive list either ! )


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